Astoria Equestrian Center


We are a state of the art facility boasting 20 stalls, 3 wash racks, 6 pastures, indoor arena and round pen, heated and air conditioned viewing room, with well-qualified manager and trainer. Our goal is to make horse training and riding lessons affordable to all. We offer services in training, showing, boarding, riding lessons, coaching, breeding, consignment, stallion services, sales and more!












Our training philosophy centers around the concept that a mentally-sound horse with a solid foundation will make the most fierce athlete and partner. With regard to one's horse, it doesn't matter what you can physically do with his/her body if we can't keep their mind clear for thinking and their heart open with a desire to learn more. Our training program is unique in that we cross-train all of our training horses regardless of their final occupation.

This training regime, along with our equine-centered daily schedule, enables us to keep all of our horses happy and willing to work, thus getting the most out of them each day. Our training involves quality consistent ground work combined with foundation reining training and schooling lower level dressage, with a touch of trail riding to keep our horses enjoying their job.

First two months — $700
After two months — $650

Main Barn — $450/month
Shed Row — $400/month
Pasture — $200/month

Some of these students will ride and show horses for the rest of their lives. Others will find new interests, go off to college, and continue on the journey of life. So for me, when I teach, I don’t just teach how to stay on a horse and make it look pretty. I teach life lessons. I teach confidence. I teach how to respect yourself. I teach how to respect others. I teach empathy. I teach determination. These are the skills I want my students to remember. I want them to look back 5-7 years down the road and remember that I taught them a life lesson that got them through a hard time; that I taught them not to give up on themselves and not to quit when life gets hard. I want to make impacts and teach lessons that go well beyond the arena, and lasts a lifetime.
— Victoria Shaw, head instructor at Astoria, Ltd.

Victoria, head instructor at Astoria, brings a unique approach to her riding lessons. As a multi-National Champion trainer, she offers quality and safe riding instruction for students of all level and interested. At Astoria, we have students who never compete. We have students who barrel-race. We have students who lease horses from us and go to local shows. We have students who are National Champions. Team Astoria is one big happy family and it doesn't matter what your passion is with horses, we simply make it our own. 

Group Lesson (3 students or more) — $130/monthly tuition
Semi-Private Lesson (2 students) — $150/monthly tuition
Private Lesson — $170/monthly tuition

*These rates are for 4 and 5 week months. Anything less is pro-rated


Full Horse — $65-$100
French Braid Mane — $30
Double French Braid Mane — $45
Forelock — $5
Tail — $45
Tail w/ Pinwheel — $50
Button Braids — $50
Dressage Braids — $45

Full Show Clip w/ Ears — $55
Face Show Clip — $45
Body Clip — $200

*Discounts are available. Please contact for more info.